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Making Sense of Cents: Understanding Gross Revenue vs. Net Revenue

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Do you have all of your accounts in order? If you aren’t accounting for the difference between gross revenue versus net revenue, you could end up in the red!

If you aren’t sure how to account for the difference, be sure to read on. Without a knowledge of the difference, you could end up in hot water. Accounting errors don’t just have the potential to cause small issues. Businesses who don’t have their books in order have the potential for catastrophic consequences.

Here’s how to determine just how much net revenue your business will take home. Don’t spend another day risking the health of your business!

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Missed the Milestone? You Can Recover

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Setting milestones within a company means that, despite the best intentions, you may miss one from time to time. The way an entrepreneur responds to missing a milestone not only shapes the company’s rebound but guides its long-term success.

When a company is building a business plan, it’s important to have a timeline with milestones they want to achieve. These milestones or accomplishments keep the entrepreneur on track to fulfill their business plan and improve the value of the company. Having milestones also provides a way for an investor to keep tabs on a company’s progress.

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Best Apps for Small Business Owners

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One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is spending too much time on paperwork, logistics, and administrative tasks, and not enough time building the business and finding new clients.

Here are six apps that help small business owners save time and streamline their workflow.

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10 of the Biggest Challenges Small Business Owners are Facing Today

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Are you considering starting a small business?

While running a small business certainly has a wide range of perks, establishing and maintaining a small business is no easy feat. In today’s ever-changing economy, small businesses face a number of challenges.

As a result, many small businesses fail to succeed and have no choice but to close their doors. In fact, 50 percent of small businesses are said to fail within the first four years.

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5 Essential Tools for a Small Business

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As technology becomes an organic part of everyday business practices, hundreds of apps and tools pop up everyday, each claiming to hold the key to organization nirvana (and actually doing the same basic things with only slight variations). But how do you know which ones will do what you need them to without wasting valuable time trying them all?

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The 5 Remarkable Secrets of Team Success

The 5 Remarkable Secrets of Team Success

Getting everyone doing his or her personal best isn’t always as easy as it seems.

By Peter Economy

For every project, we rely on many moving parts to see our work from ideation to execution. Since things almost never shape up to be a one-person job, we rely on our teams to make good decisions every step of the way. Getting everyone on the same page, working in harmony, and doing his or her personal best, however, isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Sometimes, problems like miscommunication and internal competition greatly affect the way people want to or are able to work with each other.

Hoping to avoid such internal conflicts and build team success? Here are 5 powerful secrets that will help you do just that.

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The 5 Most Powerful Sales Techniques

The 5 Most Powerful Sales Techniques

Here are five simple yet incredibly powerful sales techniques that are responsible for over $1 billion in sales.

By David Finkel

At business conferences I speak at, I often get asked, “If you had just five techniques you could use to improve a sales process, what five techniques would you use more than any other?”

Well here is my answer. This list holds my 5 favorite sales techniques has been proven over the past 20 years of my selling career in various business I’ve owned from selling products to services; from business to consumer sales to business to business sales; from short sales cycles of less than 24 hours to long sales cycles of 24 months. They flat out work.

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